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B i o g r a p h y

For over 30 years Billy Mayfield has been performing Soul, Funk Rhythm & Blues. From 1989 to 1991, he sang with the a cappella group Capitol Centre Quintet, performed during the Washington Bullets’ half-time shows. Billy also sang the National Anthem for Bullets’ home games. And for many years, he's charmed visitors at various local and national venues. For the past 25 years, Mayfield has been performing  with his Soul & Funk band, The Soul Truth, as well as various other artist and bands. He has performed aboard the USS Sequoia, The United States Senate Caucus room and at the now Capitol One Arena, to name a few of his favorites. But, he is quick to add, performing at smaller gatherings is just as fulfilling. Listeners liken Mayfield’s performances to a Soulful and Funky good time!


Others appreciate how he connects with everyone in the audience. It’s because of his versatility that Mayfield is a “man for all occasions.” His passion for the stage and performance electrifies any occasion.

Even a shift in venue doesn’t stop the accolades. Wherever he performs -- corporate functions, festivals or appearances with other artists -- guests keep begging for more. This is exactly what he plans to give. Being a multi-instrumentalist, in 2004, Billy Mayfield released his first recording project "It's Not The World, It's The People". Billy wrote, produced, engineered and executed all instrumental and vocal performances for his first solo effort. He's still writing and recording for himself and with other artist. Mayfield also does a solo performance concept singing comping himself on playing guitar and keyboards. Be on the look out for instrumental music under N2Groove!

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